Vimeo followers are the key to total Vimeo success.
Without followers, you have nothing driving your vimeo marketing strategy.
• Your videos look like they were uploaded by a random account, not someone who actually uses Vimeo.
• Your videos are less likely to be recommended by the Vimeo platform.
• It’s harder to gain new followers without first establishing a base.
• When you upload a new video, no one sees it, and all of the marketing is left up to you.
With followers, you start yourself off on the right foot.
• Your videos look like they were uploaded by a pro.
• Vimeo is much more likely to recommend all of your videos.
• You’ll receive an instant boost to any new video from your follower base.
• New users will follow your account without thinking – a genuine, trusted account removes any hesitation they may have.
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